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We build and deploy bespoke software with a major focus on both quality and speed to market. Limelight’s multi-disciplined development team offers a cost-effective approach because we deliver UI/UX design, custom software development and quality assurance testing all in-house. We have refined our processes over the years to ensure that our customers are the ones that benefit from our efficiency.

When you become Limelight's partner you don't just hire a software development company, rather make an investment in a relationship that gives you a return on your digital investment and frees you up to do what you do best.

Digital Product Design

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Mobile App Development

Cross Platform App Development
IOS App Development
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UX design & prototyping

Prototyping allows designers to connect the dots and create a simulation of a final product to create the best user experience design. At this stage the UX design validates the functionality and improvements are communicated to align with business objectives.

Digital UX design is the process of designing a software product that is intuitive, delightful to interact with and gives a compelling reason for the user to return. An great UX enhances the connection with the user as they engage with a product ensuring they easily find what they need., maximising value for both the customer and the product owner. Prototyping is an iterative process where design teams work with clients to turn ideas into a series of tangible, documented and agreed deliverables. Prototypes can be produced with of varying degrees of fidelity to capture and communicate design concepts. These prototypes are used to refine and validate assumptions and are the basis for moving to the development phase. Digital UX Design and Prototyping should come together in the early stage of any project. Good prototyping will capture the proposed UX design in form that is easily understood by the different disciplines working on the project.When common understanding is reached the project has a solid foundation from which to move forward at pace.

User Flow Maps

To create the right product that a users choose to solve a problem you need to first and foremost listen to them. A successful product is the combination of your concept and the user needs. Before we dive into development we will conduct user research to determine what steps the user should intuitively take when using your conceptual product.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping have the benefit of flexibility because changes can easily be made during the iterative creation process. The wireframe web design can then be used to move from completed wireframes to a prototype. This also gives the client control of the project scope by enabling the generation of accurate estimates for the different deliverables to prioritise a development roadmap for their product.

Interaction Design

Simply matching an image to text will not necessarily get your audience's attention. The product design team knows how to guide users to take the desired actions. It is important to choose the right graphics and adjust them based on the scenario and type of device. This will improve engagement, based on expected online behaviour, when users are browsing looking for solutions.

Web development

We do not know everything about everything but one thing we do know for sure - We are proud to say out loud that we really make great web development software. This is our primary motivation when we wake up in the morning and the focus of all our energy. Whether you want to start from scratch with a web development application, improve your current workflow or your web application needs a redesign our agency have the skills to do all of these things for your company.

At Limelight we trust our process and that is why we rigorously follow defined steps when developing digital products for our partners.

Custom Web Applications

At Limelight our development teams build high performance web portals that create a seamless user experience to enable clients to connect with their target market. The end product comes from collaboration between our highly creative design team and our customers.

Enterprise Software

Over the years we helped many companies with their digital transformation and as a result we became their trusted partners. Our portfolio covers CRMs, training apps, e-commerce platforms and other solutions we delivered to enhance business processes.


Company websites have replaced the traditional business cards of yesterday. Our offering includes front-end designed web pages and back-end development. We carefully test to ensure optimum performance. Also we will make your website fully responsive on every mobile device or screen resolution.

Custom Mobile App Development Company

Contacting a mobile app development company and creating a mobile app is a proven way to increase user loyalty. Once launched, your customer can connect with you at any time at the touch of a button. We will help you throughout your digital journey using the experience of our Android and iOS application development services. We will help you achieve your business goals at a competitive cost.

Take the easier option and let us manage your mobile app development the way we do best.

Cross Platform App Development

For every project we try to use a different set of technologies based on the digital product requirements. If you have a tight budget but still want to benefit from an excellent product in a timely manner, cross-platform development will be a major help to your business.

IOS App Development

User behaviour and habits have changed significantly in recent years due to the use of mobile devices. Partner with us to create memorable user experiences through our custom iOS app development and allow users to be part of your digital journey.

Android App Development

Our clients have supported people to find their dream job, share great travel experiences and contributed to increases in quality of life using mobile apps we have developed. Your next android mobile app could positively impact someone's life. Let's see how you can do this together.

Projects: Your idea matters to us

We understand that a good software product takes a lot of hard work and requires close collaboration between the involved parties. Our development process starts with a one-to-one transparent discussion to fully understand your needs.

From the beginning, we have supported many businesses who decided to embrace the power of digital transformation. We have helped our diversified client base digitize many different kinds of business processes. To name but a few examples we have delivered CRM development for recruitment businesses, a trading app for beginners, a healthcare app for postoperative patient management; or the travel social media app for receiving travel recommendations from close friends.

Recurring emails for Gmail

Recurring emails for Gmail is a privacy-centric Chrome, Firefox and Edge extension that allows you to send repeating emails over Gmail by setting a fully customizable recurring schedule. It's accompanied by a host management suite that uses complex technologies and integrations to deliver automated emails.

Easy way to organize your gift lists. Features a highly complex AI information extraction engine that populates dynamic fields from a chaotic system.


End-to-end Web & Mobile sportsbook development & management using a wide array of performance-oriented technologies and tools. Direct involvement in BetRadar integrations for all products, data & trading exchanges, Live Betting, own API development, backend, white labeling and gaming clients.

Betago Mobile

Android & Mobile sportsbook development. Features Live Betting, backend, white labeling using a wide array of technologies. Using SQL & noSQL databases, various API integrations (wallets, payment providers, fixture supplementation, widgets, etc), caching mechanics, HTML 5 clients, responsive designs implementation, and the golden standard in web security.

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From the first glimpse of the idea and during a long-lasting partnership, we will try as much as we can to fully understand your vision. That is why we work close with you during the entire product development process.

Our partnership begins at your first “Hello, I have an idea”. We document your business needs and determine the goals and anticipated outcomes of the product. This is the part where we gather your requirements and find out who will use the software and most importantly how they intend to use it.

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